Friday, January 25, 2013


Every now and then I like to pretend to be among the likes of Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and Paula Deen. The truth is, I'm more of a "Ten Dollar Dinners" or "Semi-Homemade" kinda girl. If you watch food network at all, you probably got that reference but if not, those are the shows featured for the 'not so fancy chefs'...Well, cat's outta the bag - that's me! Not that I don't know how to whip up a good meal by any means, but I certainly don't have the talent that those women do! I would much rather google a few recipes and then swing open the cabinet doors and see if any of those ingredients ring a bell. If they do, into the pot they go! Usually I end up with a pretty decent meal for the family so I guess it's working for me!

^^^ ME ^^^ 

Every year when my children or their cousins have a birthday it's pretty much assumed that my mother in law is going to be doing the baking. She's never had any experience, but after a few really good cupcakes she didn't really have a choice anymore. Once we come up with a birthday 'theme' we usually throw out ideas and she comes up with some sort of fabulous birthday treat for our little ones!

 Some of Laurie's famous birthday treats from over the years!

Do you bake? Do you like to pretend you can bake, like me? Or maybe you'd just like to be part of 'something bigger than yourself'?? Well, if any of the above apply to you, consider entering the "Team Tommy Cupcake Festival" on February 9th! If you recall my recent post, "Doing good does you good" you'll see that my husband just participated in an event with Team Tommy and we were so glad we did! This time, they're at it again to celebrate Tommy turning 7 years old and using money raised to help local families affected by pediatric cancer. It's free to enter the contest, and all you have to do is show up to the event with at least six cupcakes to be judged. Then stay for the bake sale after and buy some of your favorites to take home! You can find more info on that event HERE Doesn't it sound like fun? Especially, if you have kids who are old enough to help you in the kitchen...what a great way to teach about giving back to others! 

Are you planning to enter? ...To attend? There's even info if you'd like to judge! I'm thinking about trying my hand at baking, but at the very least I'll probably have to stop by to taste some of the cupcakes! Maybe you'll even see my mother in law there, I'm hoping this post will convince her to enter!! 

Have a good weekend, friends!!


  1. Who ever said Laundry stinks??? These Laundry ladies have the BEST ideas EVER!!!! Thanks for another 'life lesson' from the Laundry Room. :)


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