Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My lovely baby bump...Check it out!

Hello friends!! Just popping in to say hi and catch up since it's been a while. Just a little baby update for ya this time and a sneak peek at the baby bump! ... Oh and did anyone catch on to the title today? "My lovely baby bump...Check it out!" A little spinoff of my good friend Fergie Ferg ;)

Everything is going great! I had my 16 week checkup today and Mama and Baby are healthy and happy! The babies heartbeat was 160 which the Dr. says means girl if you follow the old wives tales. Hmm....any truth to that? We'll see! I'll be having an ultrasound pretty soon so hopefully we can find out then! I've started to feel the baby for a few weeks now and it's always an exciting experience. I wasn't sure at first but once things keep knocking around in there you can't really deny there's a little person doing flips inside of you. How weird is that?!? Also, lately I've been more preoccupied with other things and haven't noticed much movement which I was mentioning to Eric last night. Being the good Daddy that he is, he ran downstairs for a minute and then hopped back in bed with a flashlight. We recently read how if you shine a flashlight on your belly the baby is likely to move away from the brightness so he thought it might help me to feel something. Well, I don't know how many of you have laid in bed holding a flashlight on your stomach and waited for a reaction but it was fun for us! lol And sure enough...our little peanut started bouncing around which made me happy to know all was well.

 Here is a picture of my baby bump at 16 weeks. Huge right? The funniest part is I didn't even think I was showing yet. I noticed my clothes weren't fitting and that I was getting a little bigger but have been telling people that I don't have a bump yet. I guess I don't really look at myself too often or when I do I haven't noticed how big my belly was getting. Once Eric took a picture and I saw it on the computer, WOW! You'd think I had twins in there! haha I guess that's supposed to happen since it's my third child and all but I still feel like I don't look this big in person. Eric says the picture looks bigger too, but then again he's my husband and I asked him if I was really that huge? What could he possibly respond with other than "Absolutely not." Am I right? Anyways - here I am in all my pregnancy glory! Don't mind the messy hair and no makeup k? It doesn't matter since I'm "glowing" right?? ;)

My Lovely Baby Bump


  1. def. glowing.....my beautiful baby and her beautiful baby bump....thanks for sharing, pin...and also, once again, i LOVE the music on your blog.....

  2. Awesome blog today Lynden! I can feel all the excitement and YES you are GLOWING!! For a minute there I thought the sun was streaming thru my windows but as I scrolled down closer to your baby bump pic it kept getter brighter and brighter!!Good thing I have 'Transitions' glasses!
    Thanks for sharing your joy and things that go 'bump' in the night with a flashlite. It's almost as good as having you here with us! Love ya beautiful mama!!! XOXOXO

  3. You are soooo pretty! I love the bump. And yes you are glowing!!! I tried the flashlight trick but it didnt work. I was about 7 months though so maybe little Isaac didnt have room to move. I can't wait to meet this baby!!! SO Exciting!!

  4. I keep re-reading this. It makes me happy.

    1. Aw. Made me happy to reread too!!! Thanks :)


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