Monday, January 24, 2011


I have an announcement to make - I now have music on my blog!!! Aren't you so excited?!? Now when you come visit me you will be serenaded by the likes of Jack Johnson, Frank Sinatra and some other greats. lol I'm pretty excited about this myself because I tend to get into music and sometimes feel like certain songs just get to me, I'm sure many of you can relate. This playlist will probably be changed from time to time and consist of some songs that may be meaningful to me and then some that are just corny little tunes that make me bop my head a bit. You know what I mean, haha ENJOY!

Now on to some food for thought. Just that statement alone makes me hungry...boy I really sound like a pregnant woman now huh? Welp, no denying that I suppose. Anyways, what I really had in mind for this post was more along the lines of listening. My question is - do you think that those times when you feel like the same thing keeps popping up around you that it's a sign you're supposed to be listening to? If that doesn't seem very clear than for example; You see a particular red scarf in a magazine and think how beautiful it would be on you. Then you find yourself at the mall and BAM, there's the red scarf thing you know you're in the mirror wearing the damn thing and can't help but think, "Hm, maybe it's a sign I'm supposed to buy this!" Ok, ok, ok....this is absolutely NOT an example of what I was referring to but wouldn't it be funny if I actually believed that to be true? I think my husband and credit card providers would be a little bit unhappy with me considering I'm a big believer in looking into the signs. 

But back to a more serious note here...I feel like lately I have been having things come up in different areas of my life that are all leading me to the the same thing. Whether it's comments Owen has made or a sign on the street as I drove by, a random thing that popped in my head while rocking Mason back to sleep in the middle of the night or a conversation with a friend, even an article I happened to stumble upon online, it seems like the list is  never ending and it all keeps bringing me back to the same thing. At some point I think I just need to listen to the signs and realize that they're being put there intentionally. I personally believe that things happen for a reason and God has his hand in everything in my life and so I kind of think that I'm being told to listen up in a way, get me?

All that being said I guess I'm going to go along with it and see what happens...we'll see. And for anyone else out there - Listen to the signs! Ya never know, you just might get a new scarf!


  1. Love love love the music. and I love love love the listening thing! One must always listen, especially if we hear it more than once, and even more especially more than once from different places!!! If it seems like I'm going on and on, it's just cuz I want to stay here and listen to Jack! and ohhhh! now it's Carrie! Good job, Lynden...but I must go. Don't be surprised if you get more hits just to hear the tunes!!


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