Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Give a little.

Nothing like watching a baby sleep huh? As I sit here in bed typing, all snuggled up and nudged into my side is the sweetest little three year old boy that I have ever seen. He insisted on staying up late and since Daddy has to work his mid-month open to close days, I figured I'd give in a little and compromise. I told Owen he could lay in bed with Mama while I did some work on the puter. He settled for it eventually, especially since the alternate choice would have been tucking him into his own bed. So here we sat while Owen laid his little head on my chest and told me he was starting to get tired. He mentioned hearing my heartbeat and how he wondered if the baby was doing okay in there. Within minutes my little boy was very quiet and rolled himself onto the pillow fast asleep. Sometimes giving a little can get you a lot, don't you agree? I could have easily put my foot down and sent the kid to his room but I didn't, and what did we get out of it? About ten minutes of sweet cuddling, a little boy who thinks he got what he wanted, and me with a happy heart watching my little guy dream about astronauts and firemen. All is right in the world :) 

Giving a little and getting a lot can be a pretty big concept if you think about it. It kind of reminds me of one of my earlier posts, "Be thoughtful." You really never know how much what you do for others really means. It can be big things, small things, or really not doing anything at all. Some of the most meaningful things that I have encountered in life are not things at all, but in fact words and the pure thoughtfulness of others. Deep down in our heart of hearts we all want to be good people, right? Isn't it only natural to want to help others or at the very least wish well upon them? I'd like to hope so anyways. 

Imagine what a world we would live in if each of us decided to give back a little each day. Like the whole "Pay it forward" phenomenon. We should do this. All of us, and yes this means you too!! I have taken it upon myself to volunteer each and every one of you to pledge to do one nice thing for someone every single day. Whether it be your husband, your boss, a neighbor, the lady next to you at the grocery store...I don't care. Go out of your way and do something you wouldn't normally do. I know someone who paid for a womans groceries while she was putting the food in her carriage once. The poor old woman nearly fell over after realizing what had happened and went on her way probably amazed at how good some people can be. Wouldn't it be nice to be the reason that someone out there had a little more hope for the world? Or maybe even to have someone reach out a hand to us so that we might feel so appreciative ourselves? Think about it and I'm sure there is at least one time in your life where you have been taken back and surprised at something good someone has said or done for you...Now it's our turn to return the favor. It doesn't matter what it is, and you don't have to share it with anyone. Sometimes those are the best kind. Just know that you're making a difference in someone else's life and that should be a great reward in itself. 

Now friends, off you'll all go and start making the world a better place...one good deed at a time ;) But first, I've got a cute little boy just waiting to be snuggled so the world will just have to wait until tomorrow.
Until next time...

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