Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just me.

I guess it's about time for me to post again...feeling awfully unmotivated these days! Maybe it's the pregnancy. Or maybe I'm just lazy. hah...maybe a little of both! Anyways, no big news to share at the moment. Nothing life changing and no thought provoking posts today. Just me.

I will tell you that I am very excited to just be sitting here on the couch doing nothing right now. Mason is asleep and Eric decided to have a special day with Owen. They are headed off to the roller skating place down the street that is supposed to have moon bounces and games and all kinds of fun stuff for kids. Owen has never been and let's just say Eric is a little rusty on wheels. He was actually pretty nervous to go lol..he told Owen it's been a long time since Daddy skated and Owen replied with, "It's ok Dad, I will take care of you." I'm sorry is it just me or do I have the sweetest most loving little man on the planet for a child?? Ya, I thought so. So, off they went and Owen told Daddy that after skating they needed to stop at the toy store and then Chuck E Cheese. Hm, I guess we'll see how much of a sucker Daddy is once they get home and I find out what they've been up to.

And a pregnancy update for anyone wondering.....I don't really have any updates. I feel pretty much the same as always, probably just a little more tired. I've actually fallen asleep at like 7pm a few times now which is pretty out of the ordinary for me. I kinda like it. It's a much different experience being pregnant with two little ones as opposed to being pregnant with Owen, where I had no children to tend to and could sleep or go out or do nothing as much or as little as I pleased. And same goes for my pregnancy with Mason. I had Owen who was under two and a truly amazing napper and went to sleep for a few hours everyday so that Mommy could eat lunch, watch Rachel Zoe re-runs and lay down for a bit. Fast forward to my current pregnancy--I have a three year old who recently stopped napping and a one year old who naps once a day, and a short one at that. Needless to say I could use a little rest! lol Oh well, the pregnancy will be over in about 28 weeks and then what's that people always tell you when you're pregnant, you can sleep when they baby sleeps?? HAH! Whoever said that clearly didn't have other children!! I guess most parents go through those sleepless years where you learn to function on just a few hours of rest and a good cup of coffee. I'll sleep when they move out I suppose :) Until then....Dunkin Donuts anyone?!?


  1. WOW Lynden!!! You have FIFTEEN folowers!! Thanks for sharing your life with us. XX

  2. Thank you!! But TECHNICALLY I only have 14. lol..if you notice 2 of them are "hubby" as he didn't realize he did it right the first time and signed up again. And as most people know he's not much of a social networker so he hasn't been on to change it...I'll leave it tho, makes it look like I have more friends huh? ;)

  3. OH - and YES for anyone wondering...I'm drinking coffee. Not HIGHLY recommended in the pregnancy world however I've cut back my intake significantly. And let's face it..I'm a stay at home Mom of two little boys. I NEED coffee!


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