Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daddy and Owen

Here's the update on Daddy and Owen's roller skating day...they had a ball! They came home after both exhausted and headed up to our bed to snuggle and watch Dino Dan. Daddy said that the entire time they skated Owen was screaming at the top of his lungs, "I'M ROLLER SKATING!!!"...while everyone in the place stared and laughed at him as usual when Owen hams it up in public-which is pretty much always. Apparently Eric had to lean over behind Owen and hold underneath his arms the whole time time to help him stay up. If you can imagine what that position must be like for a long period of time than you will totally understand when I tell you that since that day my husband can barely stand up straight! He is SO sore!! He was hobbling around the next day and miserable with pain. Poor Daddy!
 BUT...Owen had the best time ever so Eric said it was worth the sore back in the end. Here are some pics from their day...Yes, I made them take the camera so that I didn't completely miss out on all the fun :)

 Owen ready to skate
Breaking for hot dogs and chicken wings!
My silly guys

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  1. nice how he color-coordinated the skates to his outfit. how'd he do that? i'd like to see a video of the actual skating. tell eric to get that next time. so happy the guys had fun!!


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