Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Fun Fotos.

Here in New England, Fall is in full swing and this season is just SO much fun. While we're missing the long summer days, running around in flip flops and playing with the hose all day, this time of year is just so comforting. The temperature is dropping so we can bundle in hoodies and scarves, the leaves change and make everything beautiful, and the season brings in a new sense of family, friends and most importantly (sorry friends and family) food! Over the past few weeks we've been throwing ourselves into all of the above and enjoying every minute of it. I've gathered a few of our Fall Fun Foto's to share if you'd like to see! 

Playing in the pumpkin patch.
Orchard Fun
Hi little Masie!
Farm Work.
My oldest nephew, off being old. 
The animal whisperer.
Shoulda seen her face when he licked her. 
What does the rabbit say?
Hey Babe.
Pumpkin. Rainbow. Fall.
My three sons.
Mama enjoying the view.
My life in a nutshell.
It's just a honey stick.
Super Mase.
Apples Apples Apples
Pies Pies Pies
Picked this gem in our front yard!
Owen's first bus ride on his first field trip.
Friday Night Lights
Go Blue.
I hear I'm raising Groucho Marx ;-) 

PS. I do know foto isn't spelled with an F ;-) 
Happy Fall!!

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