Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2am Confessions.

I have a confession. Now when I tell you this, you're going to think I'm crazy. Or lazy. Or crazy, lazy. But whatever, I feel like I need to get it off my chest and maybe that will solve the problem. You know, like a cathartic sort of with the good, out with the bad. Although it's not really that this thing of mine is bad, it's just kind of silly I suppose. Silly as in crazy. Crazy as in lazy. Well friends, if you're still reading along after all that nonsense then you must really be interested in hearing what I'm about to confess because most people probably would have clicked that little 'x' in the top right corner by now. So thank you, thank you for being patient with me and my verbal diarrhea. Did I just write diarrhea on my blog? That's probably inappropriate to talk like that when we're discussing such a serious topic. I take it back. Sorry. Anyway, now that I've taken you on this whirlwind of nothingness, it's about time I get to that confession of mine...

Almost two years ago for Christmas my mother in law gifted my husband this handy little iPad docking station. It's main purpose was so that we could use it for the speakers to play the music from the iPad and hear it throughout the house. Fun, right? We're a music loving family and always have something playing in the background depending on our moods or the activities going on. It's perfect and we have literally used it every single day since. Thanks, Laurie! Another cool feature is that it has an alarm clock function. Now although it's pretty neat to have that option, truthfully we really don't use it. Except for almost every night at two in the morning. No, really... See the alarm button happens to be right near where you stand the iPad and so when we move the iPad on or off the station, it's very easy to hit it by mistake. Apparently the alarm came preset at 2 am and now whenever we accidentally hit the alarm button throughout the day, we wake to a nice series of beeping that gradually get louder if you don't shut it off. How convenient for someone who needs to get up at two in the morning! Not so convenient for those of us that don't. Now over the past couple years I've told myself that I would make sure to check that it's set to off before I go to bed and of course like any normal person who is exhausted at night, I forget. Then I told myself I would at least change the time so that it wasn't set to 2 am and like any normal person who is chasing kids all day long, I forget. Until the next night when I hear those little beeps and I throw off the blankets and leap out of bed to race against the alarm before it gets to that final BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!! and wakes my little monster children. It's quite entertaining I'm sure to my husband who sleeps right through, or pretends to sleep right through because he enjoys seeing me go about this little show every night. Well, husband the show is over. Today I have decided to come clean about my crazy, lazy, silly little thing I've got going on with the alarm clock and I'm putting a stop to it. Upon publishing this post, I fully intend on marching right up to that sneaky little docking station and showing the alarm who's boss. Unless I forget, in which case I'll do it at two in the morning instead. Wish me luck!

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