Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving, Part 2

Thanksgiving Day was exactly what it should have been...relaxing. We spent the day at home with our family that was visiting and did the usual Turkey Day festivities. My brother Dave and I spent lots of time in the kitchen cooking the meal for everyone and the kids got to hang out and play together. My niece Lisamarie is an artist if I ever saw one and if she's around you know there is going to be a little crafting going on. She decided to get out all the art supplies and make a turkey hat to wear during dinner. With a little help from her Mom, Steph with making the head and myself with fitting the headband we managed to pull it together. Of course as soon as Owen and Sienna saw how cool she looked they had to have one too. Steph whipped up a little hat for Sienna and I was busy in the kitchen and kept telling Owen I would do his in just a minute. Well, a minute turned into an awful lot of minutes and I kept forgetting until each time he asked if it was done. Just as we were sitting down to eat Owen asked where his hat was and I had to run in the kitchen and make one while everyone was waiting to dig in to the food...but, I pulled through and Owen got to wear a turkey hat! 

Dave made us a ridiculously good New England turkey and by that I only mean he brought it from Massachusetts. Maybe they're better up there than here in the South...? I don't know but it was pretty awesome if you ask me...juicy and flavorful just the way it should be. And he even achieved turkey perfection after having a pierced turkey pan that had to be lined with foil and trayed with a pan to try and keep the juices in...long story short, he tried to sew the turkey up and stabbed it a little too deep...remind me not to let him perform stitches on me anytime soon! haha Just kidding Dave...if I was super desperate on a remote island with no one else around I would absolutely let you stitch me up!! ;o) 

We all enjoyed an awesome meal together and stuffed ourselves til we couldn't move...then fell into the traditional turkey coma just as every good Thanksgiving dinner should leave you with. We relaxed and had one of our many dance parties with the kids in the living room and then finished off their night with baths and bedtime. After the little ones were tucked in their beds the four of us were able to spend the night talking and laughing over some drinks. It was a perfect Thanksgiving and a great way to spend time with family...and the best part is we had leftovers for the rest of the week! Yay for turkey sandwiches!! haha Happy Thanksgiving and hope you all had as nice of a holiday as we did!

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