Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So far so good! I think I'm gonna like blogging, hopefully I'm the slightest bit interesting so that you keep coming back! Feel free to leave comments, or become a "follower" too! It's kinda nice to know I'm not writing for my health ya know? haha! Ok, on to the good stuff...

The big deal in our house right now is the gym. I mean, it's always about the gym in our house actually since Eric happens to work in one...but this time it's about ME and the gym! Who would have ever put those two together?? I've never really been into working out that much...which is unfortunate. Not only because I'd probably look a whole lot better...but because I'd feel a whole lot better too! Think about all the energy it gives you, what a good example you set for your kids, all that alone time you get (haha we all know I value that being a stay at home mom) ...But the list really does go on and on and I've been passing it up all these years! I used to go now and then before I had kids, but mostly just because my best friend worked there. And my husband has always worked in the fitness industry so you might expect I'd have more of an interest in the whole thing, not the case. Between naps, diapers, dogs and everything in between I barely have time to take a shower, nevermind bang out a few miles on the treadmill. Not to mention that fact that I'm a crazy overprotective mother who has barely let my children out of my sight for the past 3 years. I know I know...I'm nuts and need to cut the umbilical cord, I get it. But that's just me...So leaving the kids with strangers in a childcare room was always a scary thing for me.

Now with all that being said, it's a pretty big deal that I've been going since Sunday and have left my boys in childcare 3 times now! Granted it's in a room right next to me with windows that I peek in from time to time. But it's still a big step for a nut like me! And the best part about all of this is that the kids actually like it! Owen is SO excited when we get ready to go and has to be bribed when it's time to he even told me he was sad because he wanted to stay there forever! lol I am so happy he enjoys it and it's a good time for him to get away from the humdrum days we sometimes have being in a new place without many friends. As for Mason, I wouldn't say he's exactly thrilled with the whole experience. He goes in and plays around with the toys but when I peek in he always looks so sad. Today I happened to take a minute to look in the window and some little girl was attacking my baby! I see her grabbing the front of his shirt and yanking it back and forth and poor Mason is sitting there with the biggest frown on his face. I waited to see if the girl working would notice but she was writing something at the desk. All of a sudden the girl reaches out and starts pinching his face and mouth and my scared little boy burst into tears. I walked in just in time to calm him from the meltdown but figured I'd call it a day after that. We'll be back at it again tmw but hopefully that monster of a child isn't there to harass my kid again!! lol ok, just kidding...she's actually just a little bit bigger than Mase and is really cute...maybe she just liked him-we all know how brutal girls can be! I'm really looking forward to sticking to it, for myself and for the boys and I will be so disappointed if I manage to fall out of the routine! A friend said to me it's all about making it a routine and it's so true...So, feel free to keep me motivated! Off to watch some mindless tv while I wait for my hubby to come home, Night All


  1. will your routine be broken when you come home for vacation and eat bacon??? we can go walking around winchendon, and greta has an eliptical machine!!! you'll be fine. maybe i'll teach you how to hula hoop!

  2. Girls are brutal? I.. uh... hadn't noticed... lol

    When I was about Mason's age (this would be just about when the stork deposited your mom into a crib in gra's bedroom), girls had cooties. Well, except there was this one cute brunette on the school bus who had me locked in a staring contest while yapping at me one day on the way home... ... Anyhoo, I doubt he's thinking about a girlfriend quite yet, and I think it might take him some time to adjust to the new surroundings. He'll be okay, though. Gra and grampa Ron relocated a lot. We had to adjust a few times.

  3. Yes Laurie, my diet may stray a bit...but it'll be SO worth it! A walk sounds nice tho, I'll get to see that little hole in the wall town you call home ;)

    Uncle Barry, you're right. No girlfriends yet...I'm the only lady for him these days! And I'm sure the boys will be fine too-afterall, you Nilsens turned out alright!

  4. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blogging Lynden! You keep me coming back for more-like I really have time for one more thing!!!!


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