Monday, September 26, 2011

Just because it's Wednesday.

Well hello there, welcome to The Laundry Room! If you haven't caught my blog as of yet, please feel free to browse through...I'm kind of interesting if I do say so myself! For those of you who already follow my blog, I do realize I'm a little bit lagging on my updates and I apologize. The truth is, life has been a bit nuts around here and we all know how that can be so I get some slack right? Anyways, I've finally felt a little bit of clarity through all our chaos and have the urge to write again and to share with you whatever it is that rolls off my tongue...or my fingers, since I'm typing and all. So here goes nothing...

As of late there have been a handful of circumstances surrounding me that have given me the opportunity to sort of re-evaluate my priorities. Not so much that my priorities were very out of whack to begin with, just kind of like putting life in perspective I suppose. I'm sure that many of you, if not all, can probably relate to what I'm trying to describe here because it's such a familiar feeling that comes and goes. You kind of sit back and think to yourself, "Wow, life is, really short." And there starts the beginning of seeing things in that new light. People become more important to you, petty arguments or annoyances slowly drift away, and that new found appreciation for your life and everyone in it comes about. It's an amazing thing and if you ask me, it's good for the soul. We all need those times to plant our feet back on the ground if you will, like a reality check. So, now that I've gone on and on I'm sure you have to know what I mean by now. Well, that's kind of where I'm at anyways. Loving life.

I spent some time talking with a good friend of mine today about this very concept and we were placing it in terms of our kids. She says to me, "It's like you want to go rent a bounce house and let your kids stay home from school...just because it's Wednesday." It kind of stuck with me and I think she's absolutely right. Why can't we do anything we want, just because it's Wednesday. Or Thursday, or Friday, or any other day of the week for that matter! We deserve to enjoy life and should allow ourselves and the people we love those free passes to just sort of do what you want, have fun! It reminds me of the whole saying/song, "Live like you were dying." And every now and then we should remind ourselves that you really do only live once, and life is short.

While talking with her I started to think about my husband and how he's "the fun one" in our family. Now it's ok, I know my role and I kinda like being the boss...the responsible one with all the rules. But, I started to think and realized how grateful I am for Eric and the balance that he brings to our family. He IS the fun one, and he always tries to remind me to lighten up now and then and I'm really appreciative of that. Just last week he got up in the morning and gave the kids fruit snacks for breakfast, followed by peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. What?!? I almost fell off the couch when I realized what was going on. Why would he not have given him the standard fruit and yogurt or cereal I usually serve up? But today while talking with my friend I explained it to her and said, "what was the big deal?" I should have embraced Eric's easygoing demeanor and enjoyed making those memories together.

I guess you probably get what I'm trying to say here, appreciate life and the people you love.
Life. Is. Short.  
I'll wrap things up for tonight but hopefully I gave you all a little food for thought. And just in case anyone is wondering, tomorrow I will be serving peanut butter and fluff for breakfast...just because it's Tuesday.

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  1. Welcome back! You've been gone too long. Thanks for sharing your insights and encouragement.
    Love you!xx


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